Get Naturally Glowing Skin with these Fruits!

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In times where we all run to spend money on brands that have the "IT" highlighter, what happened to that glow we all naturally can have for free?

We often spend so much time painting, covering and enhancing our skin with all these products, we forget what really lies beaneath.

Frankly speaking if you have great skin you don't need all this makeup, why not stop spending time covering up and spend time unveiling beautiful skin that you are born with.

It All starts with what we put in our body, here are some super foods and their Benefits.

Apples- Malic acid promotes firm, youthful skin.

AvocadoBiotin,or Vitamin B7, promotes cell regeneration and growth.

Banana- Potassium moisturizes and hydrates.

Kiwi- Vitamin C boosts immune system.

Lemon- Naturally lightens and tightens skin.

Papaya- Papain enzyme counters free-radical skin damage.

PomegranateAntioxidants reverse free-radical skin damage.

Plum- Promotes digestion to release toxins from body.

Pineapple- Bromelain naturally exfoliates skin when used topically.

Strawberry- Anti-oxidants prevent wrinkle formation


Lets all vow to be better to our skin, In the long run we will thank ourselves.


Stay Beautiful XOXO

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